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Bill Maher & COVID-19: Don't Believe The Hype:

Social Distancing Is Working?:

COVID-19 Odds & Ends:

“Face Bloat” Sam Seder, Old Fart Rants & Janitor McCainisthroughX want you to wear a mask: Focuses on Democrat Monday Morning Quarterbacking of COVID-19 (Anthony Fauci, the WHO, Bill DeBlasio, Nancy Pelosi et al. talking out of both sides of their mouths), the efficacy of masks to mitigate the Coronavirus & whether masks should be worn or not. A lot of folks have a lot of splainin' to do.

A short ditty on Iowa's COVID-19 spike that has the basement-dwelling masses on Facebook all ginned-up, they haven't been this happy since they found out they could get paid to shelter-in-place. Anyways, it's not the Apocalyptic event the brain dead gits think it is & I debunk it w/ common sense & facts (which are in short supply on social media).